Whatsapp Hide Typing On Travel And More Time

Whatsapp Hide Typing
Whatsapp Hide Typing

Today, friends will talk to you about Whatsapp Hide Typing, which is quite a serious problem, you may travel several times or if you go to many times, then everybody keeps an eye on your phone and reading your WhatsApp’s massage If you continue to do it, then you will feel all this wrong and this is not a good thing.

So today we will tell you about it and how to hide it and keep it safe. In your phone and while typing your cheat, only you can read it. If you can read this questionable question you will get it here. You can see it

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Whatsapp Hide Typing on Phone

Step 1- First of all, you will have to download an android app which has been downloaded to you and then follow the next step. This app is named NO LUK

Step 2- Now you must have installed the app and now he has to set up a little bit. You will have to give permission to click on Grant permission and then forward

Step 3- Now you have to enable on two option here which will have multiple colors and disable movement both this option enable you.

Step 4- Now if you get the color on the top side then select any color from it below and then you get many different effects, click on it, you can hide your display from the surrounding people.

We hope that your Android app will come and you will be able to hide anything from it, then you can hide the cheat of your WhatsApp and you can do a safe cheat typing.

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