whatsapp group privately massage new update

whatsapp group privately massage
whatsapp group privately massage

Hello friends! Now we are talking about WhatsApp. Now there is a new update in the solution. It is a lot of work, but you tell me, this update is just whatsapp’s beta version itself and WhatsApp group privately massage its name and It’s used to make you a lot more aware

WhatsApp group privately massage


Let us tell you that this update is for the beta version of WhatsApp and what is the beta version of WhatsApp here is also given information about it.

Now friends know how to use those fetes. Now friends, if you have installed the beta version of WhatsApp, then you can update it and you can now go to any of your WhatsApp group and it is you whoever privately massage in group If you want to keep her cheat suppressed and after selecting it, you will click on the option peak on top and it will get you the option called the private message. You click on it and whatever message you write will direct your user Will go into a cheat and He nobody will see it will be privately massaged on the user

whatsapp privetly massagfe
WhatsApp privately massage

how to update in WhatsApp beta version

Now, to update WhatsApp to the beta version, you have to go to the google play store and you will have to search WhatsApp or you will have to go to the option of my apps and you will have to go to WhatsApp now you will see WhatsApp in your google play store.

You have to go down and you will get the option of beta on it and you will get an option named iam in it, then you will have to click on it and after that, the join name will be an option. You can click it and after that you After 5 minutes you will be updating your WhatsApp to beta. Now you have to update it again.

You then completely updated the beta vartion of whatsapp, now you will be able to use any update from whatsapp thanks.


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