Top 8 Best Phones Of 2018 In India

Top 8 Best Phones Of 2018 In India
Top 8 Best Phones Of 2018 In India

Hello friends, today we will give you some special information about the best phone of 2018, which is the of you, today we are going to talk about some of the Top 8 Best Phones Of 2018 In India. buy a phone and if you do not want to buy it, but you can have it about it, so today we will tell you the best phone, which will give you complete information about it.

Friends, today we will get information from you in this Top 8 Best Phones Of 2018 In India list. You will find information about it in your cell phone, which is your Leo best woman, which will remove your tension and you can send any phone to If you can afford to buy from Sunny, then you know that top 8 phone best of 2018

Top 8 Best Phones Of 2018 List

1 Realme 2 Pro

Now the friend of a friend is a realme 2 pro, which is a great phone and this phone has created a mobile phone in the market, which is quite sold and its features are also quite good and it is quite cheap and inside it you will have Qualcomm Snapdragon 660 Octa Core 2.0GHz AE Processor, which is quite awesome and this price is quite great at this price.

With 16.0 cm (6.3 inches) FHD + Display, this is a great phone and the problem of little odds of this phone is quite small at 16MP + 2MP. 16MP Front Camera In this you get the camera which is quite awesome

So if you see more and more reviews of this phone then you people are seated on the internet about it and you can know about it and if you did buy it, then we would have given you an option of it. You can buy it by clicking on it

2 Honor 8X

Now here you are Honor 8X phone which is quite awesome, you will find a premium look and you can get some praise from this and you will get plenty of praise and its features on the phone are quite You will find amazing features and many features, and you get a glass panel in the back of it, which will give you a premium phone.

And its disrespect also comes with a great processor, Kirin 710 octa-core processor, which is quite amazing, and many more features, 20MP + 2MP AI Dual rear camera. 16MP front facing camera which is quite awesome and experience your photo only cloud and you will be filing well

More information about this can be found on the internet or on youtube which will be quite accurate


3 Xiaomi Mi A2

Now, friends, Mi A2 is also a great phone, which is complemented by its camera, if you do buy cheap phones for the camera, you get a lot of money inside it and this phone is quite awesome. 660 octa-core processor is available which can be quite powerful and powerful only.

Inside you you’re: 12 + 20 MP dual rear camera | The 20 MP front camera is available and it is quite amazing and inside the camera, you, get the Sony sensor which is quite awesome and you will get many camera features.

mi a2 camera tips and tricks


4 Poco F1

Friends, this phone is a very good way, and this phone is a very powerful phone, which is giving you a lot of price in the phone at a very low cost, so this phone will provide you all these systems at a very cheap price. Hey

Its camera will get you very powerful and you get it against google pixel 2 which you can do very good photography from here. Out of it, the processor is also quite awesome. This phone is made for the special gamer. Q You get all the facility inside it.

And friends Snapdragon 845 Processor which is quite powerful and any of your games will play very comfortable with it 12MP + 5MP | 20MP front camera which is good and more information about you will be available on the internet poco f1 vs galaxy a7


5 Vivo NEX

You get a full vision display in vivo nex. It is amazing that you do not get any notch inside it which gets a clean interface and inside you will enjoy gaming which is very good for vivo camera and also inside it You get a lot of good cameras

Inside you have Snapdragon 845 octa-core processor which will give you a good experience of gaming and Camera: 12 + 5 MP Dual rear camera with AI HDR scene recognition, Sony IMX363 sensor which supports 1.4μm super large pixel, f / 1.8 large aperture and 4 -axis OIS | 8 MP Elevating front camera which is very good

If you see reviews of gaming about it then you will find many videos on youtube


6 Samsung A7 2018

Now friends galaxy a7 was launch for a few months now and there was a lot of news about it and the phone was also quite good and if you get a lot of camera features in it, which you should use, this phone’s main highlight triple camera Hey

And inside you, Samsung Exynos Octa Core Processor (2.2 GHz) processor which was powerful gaming but in some people’s reviews PUBG mobile game lag, but its 24MP + 5MP + 8MP | 24MP Front Camera He is quite awesome and has a great photography


Vivo V11 Pro

If you like in display fingerprint, then you should buy this phone and you get a water notch display inside it which looks premium and you will get good gaming in it anyway.

You get Qualcomm Snapdragon 660AIE octa-core processor inside it. Oki is quite good, with 12MP + 5MP dual pixel rear camera with f1.8 Ultra HD mode and 25MP front facing camera which is the latest camera

You will find its gaming and the camera’s review internet, which you should not be looking for so that you are very likely to get any phone


OnePlus 6T

OnePlus 6T is a smartphone if you do want to buy a good phone by making more than a Mooney, you do want to buy this phone. Q. This phone gives you good security and quick update and this phone wake premium smartphone which is full Is known in the world

You get a quick android patch inside it, which gives all these updates in advance with the other mobile company and its specification is very powerful O Qualcomm Snapdragon 845 octa-core processor Joe is a very powerful phone and you can also name it by its name anyone hang the problem will not be

And if you have a lot of smooth running, then you should more phones.

So friends were some of the top 8 smartphones that will give you the best powerfull performs in 2018 and if you do want to buy it even in the end of 2019, it will also tear you down and you will find more articles on our site which will give you a smartphone Purchase will make me very easy

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