Top 10 Vivo V11 Pro Hidden Tips & Tricks in 2018!


So today we will tell you some track about vivo and v11 pro phones which have some new, which can be of great use to you. Top 10 Vivo V11 Pro Hidden Tips & Tricks you have this phone or not, but its You do not want to know about a hidden trick that comes with great tips and track.

So we know all the information about this if you do want to buy this phone in the future, you can see its information, which is very much vivo and 10 hidden trick

Best Vivo V11 Pro Hidden Tips & Tricks

1 recent apps blur


First of all, you will not have a society on your phone. What are these friends? When you see recent apps in your phone, it would be clear that people around you can also see what you are using if you are using this To blur the chips, you get the features in it which is quite good, to turn it on.

You have to go to setting the most you will have to go to the opus of more, you will get the option named the recent apps, in which you will get the name of the blur display. To turn it on, just you can also select manual


2 Fingerprint Animation


Talking about Fingerprint Animation, you have already done an animation when you boot the phone in the puzzle bar, but in this, you can go to setting in the fingerprint and clicking on the animation style name you can change its animation style. You can try yourself, which is a lot of good animation.


3 Always on display


Always on display, its name is Vesa, its work, you get an amulet display in it and the company tells you that it has less power in the black display so that the phone is battery and you get good features in it. You can go to setting to go to the lock screen and you will get the option of always on display in both the home screen.


4 navigation gesture


In this, you will see different styles of navigation gestures, such as the phones that you have seen on the I Phone, and you also have the ability to swipe on it, in order to get it on, you can go to the setting of your phone and get an option gesture You can try it “Top 10 Vivo V11 Pro Hidden Tips & Tricks”


5 Smart click


If you want to open any apps if you want to open immediately, then these features are very good for you. To do this, you can go to setting up your smartphone and go to a smart click. You can do this by double clicking on the volume down button, whatever apps you have saved in the sting, it will open immediately.


6 Face beauty video call


Friends, you have heard and used this feature, but it is a little different, but if you do, you also get the call of opaline but it supports only with some apps. You can get this option in setting up to opine on you, you can use it. vivo v11 pro tips and tricks


7 Ride Mode for driving & auto answer


With this feature, if you work outside and driving more and more, then these features can be useful for you. To get it on, you will get option named Moto mode from the settings from which you can start it and you can If you are driving and someone calls you, then it will send him a message that you are driving right now or bike.


8 Smart split


If you have any message in the Smart split, then you can see it directly from the direct setting. But now, with the help of Twitter, this is the new features that are being supported and you have to give it a smart split name. Where you can use it vivo v11 pro tips and tricks


9 Block unwanted


If you use any of the party apps, if you use spam calls and trucaler apps, then you get the update feature of the phone, so that you can get all the apps It does not need to be used and it also works through the internet which is a great thing and in other apps you can also see the ad, it will get rid of all the shit in it.


10 Detected similar photo


Now, friends, these features will be added to you twice or more of any photo, it will show you in the storage that if you want one of these, you can delete it and these features can be used in the storage. You can get it from that you can use it


So these friends have some similar track Top 10 Vivo V11 Pro Hidden Tips & Tricks We can tell you if you have this phone then you can use the hiden fears of this phone and you have your friends, then you can share them with this article Can also Best Phone Under 7000 Samsung Galaxy A7 (2018) Price In India

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