Top 10 New Android Apps in December 2018

Top 10 New Android Apps in December 2018
Top 10 New Android Apps in December 2018

Hello friends, today we have brought some new android apps for you, which you can use in the last month of 2018. Top 10 New Android Apps in December 2018 Best Apps All these apps let you download it before and after this year. You should see Q. These apps can work for you

Many of these apps can tear you down. Some of the apps of this queue are your very own attachment and you have many apps which are the tools apps that attach to you in your daily life, and all of these apps which you definitely need If you want to use it, let’s know about Top 10 New Android Apps in December 2018

If you used any of these apps, it is a good thing, but if you do not use any of these apps then you can download it by clicking on the download button given here, directly from the google play store.

We will tell you that in this you will be able to see both new and old apps, we have told you the best apps that are your work attachment before the end of 2018.

Top 10 New Android Apps in December 2018

1. Cut Cut – Cutout & Photo Background Editor

If you want to share your photo on social media and make it even more beautiful, then you should use these apps. You get a lot of new features which you would love to do.

You have the features of the camera in it and its color is a great filter in your photo, it Sundar your photo, you must use it once.

download cut cut


2. Sticker maker

Now, friends, you must have seen a lot of people that many people send you a sticker in your WhatsApp and it looks good and new but with the help of this app you can make your own sticker app pack. It is a good thing, you can cut the 30 images of your own image and put it in a folder and then you can input it inside WhatsApp and then use it again.

You can use it in the year’s last and you will find more information about it on the internet and you can see it on youtube so that you can get more information.

download Sticker maker


3. Smart Alarm Clock – Automatic Weather Adjustments

Your app can prove to be good enough if you live on a rainy season where rain occurs and if the weather around you is ever worn then you can use this smartwatch. Now you know how this work I do not know what it is, and we have told you that

If you have an alarm set by this app, you will be able to pick up this app from the first sometime so that your time does not get worse and if you If you have to go to the office, you do not have to delay it and you can tear the app in a tone

4. Faster & Safer Internet

Now it can be a big task. Q is a big company that is called Cloudflare name and this SSL provides. But now we are talking about this app. In this app, you can hide your id on your internet. Friends, this makes your mobile internet or wifi internet virtual private network which makes you secure

If you do not know about VPN then you can get information about it on the internet and if you use a different VPN service, cart 5a, then this app will not work and this app will help you increase the speed of your internet. You must definitely try it


5. true balance

Now, friends, we can promise you that this app is not new, this is a very important feature of this app, so we have put you in this list so that it can be used by you in the last of 2018 and it will be some key feature which we will tell you.

Friends, in this case, you know the information of the prepaid plan offer from the very beginning, so that you do not have to do any of the sim company no more than that of cheek so that you see the offer of your no. It can be recharged from here and it is an indie app

download true bakance


6. Typing Hero ⚡ Free Text Expander

If you have answered a single question repeatedly and if you wrote a sorted word and wrote the answer to it completely, then this app is your work attachment. You get it in this app

You can get more information about it on the internet, youtube URL and you can also use all the features you can go in. You can write any of your long words in the word “sort word” so that when you type the word “automatic” Your long word he will

download typing hero


7. SwiftTask – Your smart todo list

If you want to remember something, then this app will be useful to you. This app will remind you of all those time to time and the first thing in it, whatever your work, according to you, you can set the time inside it and if you If you forget about it and you forget it, you will be able to get this app quite a lot

8. Over: Edit & Add Text to Photos

If you continue to post your image on different social media and you want to look even more beautiful, then you should download it. Q. In this, you get a lot of amazing effect on different social media. Juke 8 you can use it

And you will get a lot of influence on it, which is quite awesome and you can share it on different social media.

download over


9. InboxIt – Share to mail

Friends, this app is just for Gmail user now and if you are writing an article on a website and if you are interested in reading it later, then you can share it with your own Gmail. And you can read it again in free time and you can read it very comfortably

download inboxit


10. Motivational Wallpapers 4K HD

If you have any time your mood is bad and bigger boring takes time then your work will be attached to this app, so that any wallpaper that comes in the Q will give you a motivational and it will give you a hope that will help you in any of your work The mind will feel and you get a horoscope by looking at the wallpaper of this app

downloadMotivational Wallpapers 4K HD


These friends have given us an account about some 10 apps that you have a job attachment and you can use it before the last month of the year, we can tell you that some of these apps are your great work attachment. And you can save a lot of time so if you want to download any apps, you will be able to download it from the google play store by clicking on the button given by us.

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