Samsung Galaxy Z Flip Price in India Specification

Friends, Samsung has launched its new Samsung Galaxy Z Flip, which is quite a good mobile phone.

And here you get to see the most different design and look and the special thing about this phone is its folding display, which many people have liked.

Here we will give you information about Samsung Galaxy Z Flip, such as its price in India and its specification and where you can buy it from, we will also give you information about it here.

So let’s know first about it about its Indian Price

Samsung Galaxy Z Flip Price in India

If you talk about the Price of Samsung Galaxy Z Flip in India, then it is expected to be Rs. It can be up to 98,490 which is quite high but still, it will create a lot of Buy in the Indian market and

Samsung Galaxy Z Flip Price in India

Only very few people will buy it, talk about Samsung Galaxy Z Flip Top, this is the most different mobile phone made, we will also give information about specs about it.

Samsung Galaxy Z Flip Launch Date and uses in India

If you talk about the launch date of Samsung Galaxy Z Flip, then it can be expected to be launched on May 22, 2020

This has been launched in other countries. here in India, big tech experts have got this mobile phone for a review already, according to the rumors of course.

Here it will be quite popular in the world of mobile phones and from this mobile phone, you will be able to get information about different games including online slots in India and play the games with ease. In general, you can find many free slots games on different websites and there are also different slots apps. Slots became very popular and the games became very advanced. That’s why they require better specs of the mobile phones, to be able to load the game easily and to make sure everything runs smoothly.

The phone can be used not only for games but also for any app or hobby that attracts your interest. As you know, here in India we have some amazing nature and the photos made by this phone are amazing! That way, anyone can satisfy their own interests and hobbies.

Samsung Galaxy Z Flip Specification

Samsung Galaxy Z Flip Specification

RAM & Storage8GB RAM | 256GB Storage
Display6.7 inches (17.02 cm)1080×2636 px, 425 PPIDynamic AMOLED
Camera12 MP + 12 MP Dual Primary Cameras |10 MP Front Camera
ProcessorOcta-core (2.95 GHz, Single Core + 2.41 GHz, Tri core + 1.78 GHz, Quad-core)Snapdragon 855

Here we have told you the basic specification about it, which any user should know, if you want information about it in deeper then you will give Buy Button from where

You will be able to get more information about it by visiting the official Samsung site here.

Samsung Galaxy Z Flip Display

If we talk about its display here, this is the most Uniq and here you get 6.7 inches (17.02 cm) 1080×2636 px, 425 PPIDynamic AMOLED.

Samsung Galaxy Z Flip Display

But Ayah, the folding technology that has been used is quite amazing, here Samsung has said that you can fold it 2 lakh times till then it will work completely.

hare can be more than this but officially Samsung has said this

Here, you have been given a small display of your mobile camera, from which you will be able to do your basic task, which you need

Samsung Galaxy Z Flip Fingerprint Lock

If you talk about its Lock Technology here then you have been given Fingerprint Lock here, which these features will give you

Here it is given on Lock Button, which is given on Power Lock Unlock Button, whereby you

If you set as fingerprint, you will be able to use it from here, else you do not get any in-display lock button

And here Fingerprint Lock works quite well, which works very fast.

Samsung Galaxy Z Flip Design & Look

Here you get a different design where you will be able to fold the phone and with that, your phone’s display will also be folded.

And here on the backside of the phone, you get quite good and Premium Tara’s back panel, which can shape any other user.

Here you will get these three colors right now, Mirror Black, Mirror Purple, Mirror Gold color, you can wait until it becomes Launch.


So friends here, we will inform you that we have given you information about some of these basic features.

Here it will be officially launched in India, so we will give you information about all the Unique features about it.

And when it comes to the official shopping site, then we will provide you its Buy Button.

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