Top 10 Samsung Galaxy M20 Tips, Tricks, And Hidden Features

Samsung Galaxy M20 Tips, Tricks, And Hidden Features
Samsung Galaxy M20 Tips, Tricks, And Hidden Features

Samsung Galaxy M20 Tips, Tricks, and Hidden Features If you are also smashing on the internet then you want to know more about Samsung Galaxy M20 Tips, Tricks, and Hidden Features, here are some of the special features that you should use. And by using them you will find it very good to use your Samsung Galaxy M20

Friends, all of these tips will be Samsung Galaxy M20 Tips, Tricks, all tips, and you should read this carefully so that you can get the right information about it and you can do smart work in the phone with great comfort and see it here. If you like any tips, you can use your Samsung Galaxy M20

Top 10 Samsung Galaxy M20 Tips, Tricks, And Hidden Features List

#1 Navigation Gestures

First of all, you get the features of the name of the navigation gestures and these are very good and awesome. You can not even see this smile in Samsung’s phone and if you get it, then you can set in your phone to enable it. After that, you have to select a setting, DIsplay the navigation gestures in the option of the navigation bar, and then your features will be enabled and your phone will be gestures like the iPhone.

But in this feature, you do not get any animations, so these features are quite simple, so definitely try it and enjoy it.


#2 Dolby Atmos sound effects

If you are a music lover then these features can be great for you. In the notification bar on your phone you will be Dolby’s icon option on the right side, it can enable it by pressing [r] and taping it over If you keep all the option setting open then you can use it any way, but before enabling all this, before you use your headphone inside it, keep it connected so that it will work with all and you will not get any passes And not without the headphone In will not mean that you should pay attention thanks


#3 Fullscreen Apps

You get an option of fullscreen apps here, which is quite awesome and you have seen the nouch display on many phones and inside you will see the display cut and inside it you do not get the fullscreen mode but you can get good features inside this phone It’s called fullscreen apps mode which will be the name of fullscreen apps in your phone’s setting display

Now you manual on this, whatever apps you do not want to run fullscreen apps, you have to give them permission and then these features will work if you use it


#4 Hide Unused apps Menu

If you want to hide any of your apps in this option, you can use these features or you can also hide unused apps. To use it, you can go to setting the option of the Home screen. If you open it, you can manually hide apps all the apps, then if you use these features then it can be good for you and whenever you have to disable it, then you will have to dislocate it.


#5 Auto Restarting phone

Now friends do not restart our phone many times, you should restart it after 3 or 4 days so that your phone will be free and smooth and if you do not get any updates in your phone then use this feature You have to search for setting in your phone, go to general management, and then you have to go to the option of the rest inside it, you will get the option to auto-restarting the time and date, set it to your phone. which will be auto restart Baked nice thing good work the phone.


#6 Fingerprint Gestures

If you want to control the notification bar of your phone with your fingerprint above friends, to enable you to enable this feature, you should go to setting up your phone and enabling the finger sensor gestures to go to the advanced features The features will also be enabled and you can use it according to your use.


#7 Popup view Multitasking

If you want to multitask, then you should use this feature. If you want to use any of these apps in any of the apps you want to use in any of the apps, you can use any other app with it, then you should try these features For this, you will get advanced setting for setting up an advanced futures and multiline names, and you have been given a fairly good time while enabling these features.


#8 Lockscreen stories

If you want to put stories on your phone’s lock screen, you must use it for sure. You can go to the lock screen and go to the lock screen, you have to enable it and you will be able to use it.


#9 Game Launcher

If you play with a very good boost in your game, then you can use the game launcher inside its phone. For this, you need to go to setting in your phone and go to the advanced features and click on the option of the game after that gamer will be seen, you will have to launch him again, then your game will work smoothly

This gives you the right speed by killing all your background and apps, which you should use when playing this game


#10 Battery percentage option

If you also see battery percentage with your phone’s Battery icon in the status bar on your phone, then you should go to setting in your phone and you will be able to enlarge show percentage in the status bar and then in your display these features Will also show and you will continue to know about battery battery


So, friends, we have given you information about Samsung Galaxy M20 Tips, Tricks, and Hidden Features, which you can have this smartphone, it can be quite useful for you. All these 10 Samsung Galaxy M20 Tips, Tricks, And Hidden Inside the features we have told you how to use it and say it to enable it.

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