Top 21 Redmi Note 6 Pro Hidden Tips and Tricks

Redmi Note 6 Pro Hidden Tips and Tricks
Top 21 Redmi Note 6 Pro Hidden Tips and Tricks

Hello friends, today we will talk to you about Top 21 Redmi Note 6 Pro Hidden Tips and Tricks, if you use this phone, you can use this phone very little for us. Here we have Redmi Note 6 Pro Hidden Tips and Tricks Talk about tricks that you’ll love

And all of these tricks are within your Redmi Note 6 Pro, so you must use it and if you do not have this phone you can still read it. If any of your friends have this phone then they will also have these tips and tricks can work, so let’s go to friends. About Redmi Note 6 Pro Hidden Tips and Tricks

Top 21 Redmi Note 6 Pro Hidden Tips and Tricks

1 Face camera Double tap to wake

So if you keep face lock and it takes a bit of time to detect your face, then for those features you have to do this in the setting of your phone, and display you will double-click on the screen to wake. have to be enabled

Then whenever you lock the phone you will have to double tap, your phone will be fast unlocked, which will save you time.


2 Dark theme

Now if you do apply the dark theme inside your Redmi note 6 pro, then this is a good thing for you. We have written an article on its business in the first place, which will give you a full sense of how you are dark in your mi phone can apply to the theme

And you will find dark subjects inside it inside too many apps, and if you read anything over any website then you have a dark theme very good and you must use it as a bog.


3 Poco Launcher MIUI

You get a lot of features inside the poco launcher that you can not find inside the miui, so you should use it and you get an item in it like an app door. The joke is a good thing and you also have the color according to it. You can search your app, which is good for you, you can use it by yourself.

Download app  download POCO launcher


4 Lock Screen Mi Remote

Here, if you swipe left in the lock screen on your phone, you get an option named mi remote name, which you can use it with the help of a remote device.

And you can control any device on your mi such as mi tv or another product.


5 Wallpaper Curresol

If you swipe left in the lock screen, then the Wallpaper CurreSole will appear an option which will make your phone’s lock screen even more beautiful and you can see its egg new beautiful wallpaper and

And if you go to the setting of your mobile, and if you go inside the Wallpaper Curresol, then you will also see lots of wallpapers in it. You can download it by downloading it here.


6 Reorder setting tiles

You can change the icon that comes in the notification that you have customization with your hands so that you can change it, you can get the option of the Edit to the notification, and click on it, you can click on it to change the icon accordingly.


7 Scrolling Screenshot

If you like to take long scrolling screen sort, then tips for you will be great enough for you to take a Scrolling Screenshot, you have to take a screen sort from the three fingers and then clicking on that screen sort will make your click scroll option. But then you can take a Scrolling Screenshot until you save it till it is scrolled, then you can save it by saving it in high quality.


8 Free RAM Memory.

If you want to know how much RAM is using all the apps in the recent app in the phone and how much it is still available, you can know all this in the option of your recent app, for this you need to tap on your phone home screen. He and he will see you setting the option by clicking on it, you will see the option of more name by clicking on it, enabling show mammary status on it, and then you will see both your free RAM and USED RAM in your recent apps


9 Lock Apps to Memory

If you clean all the apps in the all of your apps will be cleaned but you do not want any of your favorite app clean so that you can use WhatsApp very much and that You can use these tricks if you are not clear from your recent app.


For this, let’s go to your Recent app and keep your app pressed and then you will option on it, inside it you will see a lock icon, then you will not be able to clean those apps. Recent apps and I will remove it whenever you want O, they have to be removed from the same process by the same process.


10 Split Screen

If you want to use multiple apps together, these tips can work for you. For this, you will get an option in your recent apps. Split Screen which we have tried to tell you through image, then your apps are Split And you will be able to use the multiple apps. If you want to turn it off again, then you have to repeat the same process.


11 Rapid Charging

If your Redmi note 6 pro charging speed is low then these good tips from us for you should buy this charger given to you by us. This quote will save you a lot of time. Whatever company’s charger comes, does not fast charge

And the charger given by us will charge your phone in half the time with the original charger which will save you time and it has been reviewed by a lot of people and this charger is absolutely safe which can be used up in your Redmi note 6 pro. Hey


12 Set COntrast and Color

If you want to change the color of the display of your phone, then you can use it as the adhesive, you will find the option of COntrast and Color in the display of your phone, inside it, you have to set your phone color accordingly, To be very easy to use


13 Call Recording

You can not get any call recording option in your redmi note 6 pro setting option, but for this, you get the option in the dill, you have to follow some step for it.

You will see the dial of your phone by clicking on the icon setting on your phone and enabling you to enable it so that you can get your phone call recording and you get more options inside it as if you were not a human being. Do not call back the call, or just recording the incoming call, the umbrellas are the same as many other option ones you can meet here, you can use it.


14 incoming call setting

In the above-mentioned option, you get the 13 no option same setting option called incoming call setting, in which you will be able to set your incoming calls on your phone as your hips but, such as a flashlight, Ring set and volume down silent. You can see by using much opting to use it yourself


15 MIUI 10 Relaxing Music

If you have good relaxing and do even listen to music with you, then this is your good tips. You can listen to the timer option inside the clock and you can listen to Relaxing Music and you can become relaxing


16  Buttons and Gestures

You can use all of these options to setting it into the additional setting and Buttons and Gestures you can give commands to all your smallest option in your his tubes. You will get all this option automatically and we will get you the option Will get to know


17 Game Booster Option

If your game is not running smoothly in your phone, or if none of the apps are running properly, then you have given the game booster name to your phone, in which you play the game, then it will go smoothly on it. To do you

You have to go setting to acseblity go to the game booster and then you have to use it then you can use it.


18 4K videos using Open Camera

You do not get any 4k video recording option inside the camera of this phone, but you can obtain in the phone’s hardware, so you can recoding 4k video with the help of an app called open camera.

In this app, you can choose your quality and recoding to 4k video

download open camera


19 Built-in screen recorder

If you do recording your screen, then you have a folder named tool name in your phone’s folder and inside it, you get a screen recorder app that lets you make a screen recorder in your phone and by its card you can also recording the game Is tax liability


20 Add shortcuts to left screen

You will find many types of cut option on the left side in your home screen, in which if you have any shortcut option ad, you can optimize other name and its optimal ad can also be advertised.


21 Fav Cricket/Sports Updates

You will find many sports news on the left side on the left side but if you want your mindset playing the news of the top, then you can apply it and inside it, you can do it for the news of the game of cricket. Can

You will see the tree in the option of cricket, by clicking that, you go to the setting of options and set the hart above your favorite game, then you will get the news of it first

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