Realmi U1 Redefine beauty with every selfie


Heelu friends, today we have brought a news for you, which is on the side of Realme, that realme u1 is going to come up with a new smartphone. They updated a news update on twitter today. We are talking about this today.

Here’s the twit that has been twit done. Redefine beauty with every selfie, which is quite easy to know. The reality of this new reality is this coming in the camera of your

the smartphone which is still very popular and it is quite a product which is quite That’s good

Now let’s know the ESA from their twit, they have used some effects of redline beauty in the camera of their realme u1, and a lot of good photos come from it.

The first thing that they twist about perforation in the past, where the simple realme is tearing a powerful phone which is good enough

At the time of Salahi, realme 2 pro had gone quite a lot and that phone was good enough that too many people had bought it and the degrading of this phone is very good and maybe it comes with a touch display, it is realme u1 which is quite fair You can go to the page on their Twitter page for this. click here more info.


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