PUBG Mobile LAG Fix Android and Enable HD Graphis

pubg mobile lag fix android
pubg mobile lag fix android

Hello friends, today we are talking about you PUBG mobile lag fix android and how it can be fixed and how can the PUBG Game run smoothly and work from this angle will work in smartphone Answer: We tell you here

If you have a powerful smartphone and a powerful processor inside it then still you have to use the PUBG game when you increase Graphic then you will get an error and it will not be a high graphics set, we will fix it today and if you have any of its high quality Can set up and play PUBG Games with high graphics

pubg mobile lag fix android

And if you have a low processor phone and you have a PUBG game in it, you should also use it. This app will support it in the same way but it is a matter of giving some attention to this which we have told you here. pubg mobile lag fix android

Note- For this trick, you will have to download an app that we have provided to you but you have to give some caution in it. With the help of this app, if you play PUBG game then your PUBG ID can be blocked. So far has not got any case, so you can use it, but when you use it in you can play it with Test ID so that you do not get any further tension

PUBG Mobile LAG Fix Android Step By Step Guide

Step 1. First of all, you should have PUBG Mobile Game installed on your phone.

Step 2. Now you will have to download an app from Google play store whose download link we have given your app name is GFX Tool For PUBG

GFX Tool For PUBG(No full ads)
GFX Tool For PUBG(No full ads)
Developer: Pingaru
Price: Free+
  • GFX Tool For PUBG(No full ads) Screenshot
  • GFX Tool For PUBG(No full ads) Screenshot

Step 3. After installing this app you have to launch it and you will get many features inside it.

Step 4. After that, you will first have to set the variation of your PUBG GAME which comes in India and global variation 0.10.1 (GP).

Step 5. After that, you set up your PUBG Graphic to get your recumbent histories and many of your graphics option. HD Smooth HD HDR comes with all the quality you came in. If your phone is a powerful processor, then you can make it high that you want to normalize I can not option enable in PUBG but here you can set it up and enjoy it.

Then all your document is set up, then you can play it by clicking on the button of Rin game given below and it will play comfortably

And whatever the option is not enabled in your original PUBG game, all of them will be enabled with the help of this app and you can enjoy it and play PUBG can play a bigger arc.

Friends, if you have any problems in it, then we will give your females you can write to us in a comment for this, we will help you.

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