MSI Modern 14 Core i5 10th Gen Specs

If you are thinking of buying a new Laptop and you like all the laptop brand and I love the laptop of MSI, then here MSI has launched its new MSI Modern 14 Core i5 10th Gen laptop, which is a very good and powerful laptop. Today we will give you information about it

Both Core i5 and i7 Processor laptops will be available in MSI Modern 14, but here the price of both laptops will be clouded, then here we will give you details about it, due to the design look and powerful of this MSI Modern 14, we will get these laptops Liked it a lot


MSI Modern 14 Core i5 10th Gen Specification

MSI Modern 14 Core i5 10th Gen

Display14 inch, Full HD LED
RAM Processor8 GB RAM, Intel Core i5 10th Gen
SSD Storage512 GB SSD
Battery Cell4 cell
Operating System64 Bit Windows 10 Home
Mic InYes
USB Port2 x USB 3.2 Type C, 2 x USB 3.2
HDMI Port1 x HDMI Port
Multi-Card SlotSD Card Reader


MSI Modern 14 Core i5 and i7 Price

Talking about the price of MSI Modern 14, there are two different variants here, one is of i5 Processor and one is of i7 processor in i5 price is Rs 52,990 and i7 processor price is Rs 74,990 if you want information about its real-time price, then you can know here by clicking on Buy Button which will take you to Flipkart.

MSI Modern 14 Core i5

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MSI Modern 14 Core i7

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MSI Modern 14 Core i5 Display

In this model of MSI, you get a very good display but you will not see the features of the touchscreen here and if you talk about its screen size here, then it comes with 35.56 cm (14 inches) and here is the screen resolution. 1920 x 1080 Pixel is available, but if you talk about Screen’s quality, then you get Full HD LED Backlit IPS Display, which is quite good.


MSI Modern 14 Core i5 RAM, Processor, Storage, Graphics

MSI Modern 14 Core i5

In this model, you get RAM 8 GB DDR 4 which is very fast and makes your work even faster.

Here in its processor you get Intel’s Core i5 10th Gen key processor which talks about its clock speed, then it comes with 1.6 GHz with Turbo Boost Upto 4.2 GHz, here you get Cach Memory 6 MB, in this Processor you get 4 If you talk about Graphic here, you get Intel Integrated UHD Graphic.

In this laptop, you get 512 GB SSD, which will make your laptop very smooth and fast to all process, which if you do office work, it will make your work much easier.


MSI Modern 14 Core i5 Battery Life

Here you get a 50 Wh lithium-polymer battery which will last you for 6 to 7 hours in a day and one thing we liked about it, which is its wait which is only 1.19 kg which is a good thing. Because you can also take it to any location


Who should take this laptop

Now here, I tell you that this is our advice, but if you like this laptop, then anyone can buy it

Here if you do photo editing on this laptop, then you should take it because this laptop can make your work very smooth and if you do video editing, then you may have some problems here like here you have a little load Pardon can on this laptop

here you get a fan only, which will reduce the hit out and in this, you were not given an External Graphic Card, which we also did not like.

And if you are a programmer, then you should take this laptop because it will do all this work very easily, but you work on a heavy project which is quite heavy, so here can load beyond this laptop.

So Finally, if you want to do office work then you will not face any problem here, but if you do a lot of disrespect work, then it can also be a hit, which is a laptop designed for office work.

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