Best Mi A2 Camera Tips & Tricks For Great Photos all time

mi a2 camera rtips and tricks
mi a2 camera rtips and tricks

Mi A2 Camera Tips & Tricks So little friends, you may have noticed in our title that today we will give you information about Mi A2 Camera Tips & Tricks so that the way you use your mi a2 will also be quite cloudy. Hey about

Friends, you can use all these Mi A2 Camera Tips & Tricks in your smartphone and here we have given full details so that you do not have any problem and can easily come to your community.

Mi A2 Camera Tips & Tricks Guide step by step

1 Dedicated nigh mode

Now if you take your photo in the nigh mode and you will not get a good photo, but after using it you will be able to easily get a good photo in the nigh mode.

To turn this on, you have to turn off the auto mode and go to manual mode and you will get the option named license and you can use it from it, and you will be able to take a light photo too easily. also shown through image


2 contras manually

Now there are many people who come here, who have to set their mindset and sharpness, if you do not want to use it, then these features will be found at the bottom of the setting of your smartphone’s camera. Can you

These people who share their emotions like Facebook and Instagram on social media platform, they are a good option for them.


3 save previous mode

Now if you have any mode on your smartphone’s camera and you minimize it, then the camera will rest it, i.e. you will have to close it, but you have to save it and whenever you want it on your You can set this camera directly to the cushion mode open.

To do this, let’s go to the setting of your camera on the save previous mode, then whenever you open the camera, you will open the same mode


4 auto HDR for selfies

Now friends, if you are a selfi lover, then you get these features good and you get the option of auto HDR, which does not get in the rest of the phone. To turn it on, you have to go to the OPR of the HDR option will get it from on

Then your Husband a phone, according to you, you will be in Kandi 8 son like lightless or more, according to him, it will work and will give you very well in your photo


5 Real-time filters

In this you will see the tree line on the top, you will find many filters by clicking on it, you can use it and by looking at it from real time in real time you can find out that it will be filtered in your photo.

It’s quite a lot of you can put a lot of filter effect in it, which is a great thing.


6 Shutter button

If you are photographed from your phone here and you can not touch the bottom, then these features are of great use for you and this can help you to capture photos only with the help of focus.

To turn this on, you will have the option called Sutter button on your camera. You can click on the focus or not. Now, whenever you take a photo, you can drag your photo in your phone by tapping the button and like this After doing that, you have to leave him and you will have repaired your photo again.”Mi A2 Camera Tips & Tricks


7 peak on

Now friends in this if you are taking a mental photo and you have to focus on something and that you have to go through it, whether it is from the whole level or not, then you can know this in the opine of peak on this and you You can drag photos about how much focus you can on the object.

To do this, it is too big for you to do it. You can get this option on your camera at the top of the manual and use it with it.

Top 7 Mi A2 Camera Tips & Tricks

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