3 Best Ways How to Take a Screenshot on Windows 10 Easily

If you also want information about How to Take a Screenshot on Windows 10, then you have come to the right post, here we will give you the correct and complete information about it.

Here we will give you information about 3 ways that you will understand very easily, which you will understand very easily Take a Screenshot on about Windows 10

Here we can tell you that these tricks will work in all Windows like Windows 7, 8, 10 so you will not have this question too

Whatever the tips we have told here, no use of third party software has been done here, all the tricks are officially told only with the help of Windows.

So that you get correct information about how to take a Screenshot on Windows 10 and Windows 7, 8, and you are not confused

So let’s give you information on How to Screenshot on Windows follow it step by step

How to Take a Screenshot on Windows 10 Step by Step

Here, we will give you all the information with the help of Shortcut Keys, which here we have told you 3 ways that you will be able to easily take Screenshot PC or else in your laptop.

How to Screenshot on Windows
How to Screenshot on Windows

#1 Use Windows + Print Screen Button

Now here if your Windows 10, then this is a very easy way for you Screenshot, just take your Keyboard Burton under

You have to press and hold the Windows Button first and then press the Button of the Print Screen as soon as this is done, Screenshot will be clicked in your PC or Laptop and save in your computer.

Now you need information that this is saved, so for this, you have to go to your MY Computer and go to the folder named Pictures, now you will see another folder whose name will be Screenshots

Now here you will also have your winning screenshot, all those taken from these Tricks will be seen.

Take a Screenshot

Easy Step

  1. First, you press the Windows Button in your Keyboard and then press the Print Screen.
  2. Your Screenshot is taken
  3. Inside Picture Folder in My Computer
  4. Inside the Pictures folder, Screenshots Folder will be here, you will have a screenshot

Now here, we want to give you some information, here your keyboard can be different, just you will not have to find Print and Windows Button inside it.

And these tricks definitely work within your Windows 10, but if you do not work in Windows 7, then you should try further ways to do all of them.

#2 Use Snipping Tool

Now here if you have to capture only some parts of the screen inside the screen, then you can also do this very easily.

You have to type in your Windows search bar Snipping Tool and it will open in front of you.

Demo Snipping Tool

Here, by selecting the new one, you also need to screen images, you will have to draw it.

And as soon as you leave your Mouse, it will be saved in front of you and you will have to save it.

To save it, you have to press Ctrl + S, you will be able to save it wherever you want to save this image.

Snipping Tool

Easy Step

  1. You have to type in the search box of your Windows Snipping Tool
  2. New Select it
  3. Select the screen you want to shoot
  4. Now save it in whatever folder you want to save it in.

Now you will have many questions about this, do you have to download this Snipping tool? Let us tell you that this tool will

All your Windows 7, 8, 10 comes officially, which comes only inbuilt and you can use it for free.

All these Ways are absolutely free and we have a lot of likes so we have put them all in the list of “How to Take a Screenshot on Windows 10”

#3 Use Print Button and Paint

Now, friends, this is very easy and it is very amazing, it can ruin many things from it, come to do it

Simple press your Keyboard for once, Print Screen Button and then you have to open Paint, this will open your Paint.

Here you have to do simple Ctrl + v so that the screenshot you took will come in your paint.

Now if you want to draw something, then you will also be able to do it if you want to type something in it, you want to color it, after doing all the work here, you can do it again.

By pressing Ctrl + S you will be able to save it in your favorite folder

Easy Step

  1. Press the button of the Print Screen in front of any screen you have to shot.
  2. Now you open paint
  3. Here you press Ctrl + V
  4. Now press Ctrl + S and save

Now friends here, we give you information that this is our way of ferrate, inside it, you have the option to edit your screenshot and you can do this very easily.

So if you also like all these methods, then definitely use it, in this, you will be able to know about Windows very easily. How to Screenshot on Windows

Basic info for How to Take a Screenshot on Windows 10?

Now friends here, we have given you the information in 3 Ways, Screenshots about PC and Laptop, you can use it in both.

Now here, in the way you know, this may not work in your Windows 7, but in the next 2, 3 ways, you will do this work in all Windows

And if you give information about Windows 10, then all these steps will be able to take Screenshot in your Windows 10, then it is your big task.


All the Tricks gave here to make work and we also use them all, if you have any problem with it, then you can comment on us, we will definitely help you.

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User QnA

How to take a screenshot on windows 10 german keyboard?

For this, you have to press your Keyboard for Windows Button and Druck Button and you will see these pictures in My Computer in the folder of Screenshot

How to screenshot lock screen windows 10?

You can do this by using the 3 methods given here, to do this you have to press the Button of the Print Screen and paste it into Paint, then you can save it.

How to save screenshot as pdf windows 10?

First of all, you can save any of your PDF Generator tools and convert it to pdf by saving Screenshot

How to take a screenshot of a drop-down menu windows 10?

You too will be able to do this with the help of our given method 3.

How to take a screenshot on windows 10?

Here it has been prepared with a very good qualification for it, which will give you all the information about it.

How to automatically save screenshots windows 10?

To do this, you have to use our first told method.

How to take a screenshot on windows 10 without a snipping tool?

Here we have given you this information about it in Method 1 and Method 3.

How to take a screenshot on windows 10 with a snipping tool?

You will get complete information about it in Method 2.

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