how to secure android phone from hackers most tips

how to secure android phone from hackers
how to secure android phone from hackers

Hello friends, today we are talking about the security of mobile phone that you should follow in front of the smartphone, so let us know friends. How to protect the android phone from hackers In this, we will tell you the tips which will come in handy how to secure android phone from hackers

Friends, we are not talking about EIC tips, which are quite basic, such as screen lock and app lock. Many tips that have become quite common and everyone will know about it, but today we will call you on your own phone Will talk about what’s going on inside

Most tips for secure smartphone

Friends, we are talking about some of the apps that are inside your smartphone, we told them something like a list, which should be seen by you, so let us tell you according to LISt how to secure Android phone from hackers most powerful tips

Whenever you install any new apps inside your smartphone, friends will ask you to accept that partition of your phone so that they can take the access to that thing. These are not all safe. Friends, today we will tell you about it. We will talk about the many apps, which are the ones that take permission of the app without any worries, we will talk about it.

Browser security

Friends, if you are the browser of many ways in your phone, you would have noticed that they are not 4 of any work. The best browser is inside your phone, its name is chrome Joe
It’s within the official google itself. It is safe, but there are some apps that you install from the outside, like the third party website or google play but you can see lots of ads inside it.

You have got this wrong type in different browsers, and this browser takes the permission of your phone without any interference, which can hide your data. Now you have heard the same news about UC browser so you guys Do not install a browser without any work

Mod apk

Let me tell you in mod apk that you are not quite safe, you know that whenever there are any paid apps on the google play store, people find it on the internet, but to download it free, you know the friend Who has edited that apk and inserted it into it

In your phone, the apk takes permission without any work, which is without any work and you send it to the server on the server so that they use a big data all in the market by using it inside the marketing so that the people in the product numbers That company can be used as a fiddle

You will get a lot of information about this on the live life internet, which means you should not be able to do it without any work mod apk

online website for ad

Friends, if you are going to an AC website, it is running a lot of advertising inside it, which is not google and any other ad network would be more than that, then you should not go to the e-website that Q Inside there is a code that goes inside your system if you use it inside the pc, and if you use it within the mobile, then it is automatic within your phone that it starts downloading an idle e apk Who can speak his hacking main

If you install that apk, then your data can be stolen and you can reach the server, so that you can cause a lot of damage so that you can never go to more ad site, post site or eligal site for example Too many ad filled site


You have to uninstall the app that you use to make it use and install it without any work on your phone so that your phone hang and be absolutely safe.

If you have any questions, you can ask us in the comments. We will help you. You should stay safe and we should be alert so that you do not have any problem and we keep our smartphone lock so that no one in your phone Could not do the wrong thing

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