How to Make Custom WhatsApp Sticker Packs for Free


Hello friends, today we will give you information about How to Make Custom WhatsApp Sticker Packs for Free, you can make it apply, without any third party app and advertise in it all this WhatsApp sticker Let’s know if you know about it, How to Make Custom WhatsApp Sticker Packs for Free

Now you will get a lot of information on the internet but you can make us your custom WhatsApp sticker with the help of just one app and you can share it with anyone who knows it in your WhatsApp. Follow all steps carefully WhatsApp new update

How to Make Custom WhatsApp Sticker Packs for Free any smartphone

Now friends, you have to follow all these things to make your WhatsApp sticker. You can make your own sticker in it. In many apk you get a default sticker, you have to use it. Here you can create WhatsApp sticker by yourself

First of all, you have to download all the stickers on your phone. You can also download the png formate so that your photo bag will be transparent so that you can set it in WhatsApp, for that we have given you a link of the site where you It can also be downloaded to your mind, it is a list of the site where you can download it WhatsApp png image

PNG Image download website

Here you go, download the png image from this site and insert it in your smartphone under the categories, you put all the png image inside it so that when you enter the sticker inside your WhatsApp, you will see all image folder Look inside

Now if you get the image according to your category in all these sites and if you can not get it accordingly, then you have many websites on the internet where you can download png image accordingly.

Now all this is about you to download an app from google play store, whose name is he
Personal stickers for WhatsApp This app’s download link will give us you from where you can download it, now we will give you information about it.

Now in google play

knows you are to install this app and allow all partition and give it a permit so that this app works properly and you have no problem

After this, you will see the folder inside the sticker of your WhatsApp and all the folders will be displayed to you, which you have created in your phone. Now here you can send these stickers to your friends.

Now you will see it button the name of the ad name, you have to admit all this sticker by clicking on it and then you can share it.

Make Custom WhatsApp Sticker Packs

Now if you follow all these holes here, you will not have any problem and if there is any problem then you can tell us in the comment box, you can tell us, we will help you.

If you do not get the png image, then you can get many websites in it, you can download it png image according to the category, and if you want to do your own png, then you have so many apps. But you can also put your own png image in it, they will tell you

Now you have to create your own png image and then you can create one folder and paste it. Then you have to advertise it inside the sticker inside your WhatsApp, then you can use it again.”How to Make Custom WhatsApp Sticker Packs for Free”

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