How To Make Any Smart TV Voice Controlled 2018


Hello friends, we are some of the best to know who we are talking about Amazon fire stick today and how it works, how to make any smart TV Voice Controlled, and together with its help, You can also learn about it

Now, friends, we will tell you in advance that you can only create smart TVs of 4k smart TV and 1080P, so friends can show you this by using the help of Amazon fire stick. Know how to make any smart TV Voice Controlled

How To Make Any Smart TV Voice Controlled step by step

First of all, you buy Amazon Fire TV Stick from Amazon and if you want to buy only your 1080P then you can buy normal Amazon Fire TV Stick and if you have 4k smart TV then you can buy Amazon Fire TV Stick 4K Hey, we have given you the link in this article that you can buy from him.

Now you have purchased Amazon Fire TV Stick, then you have to connect it to your smart TV which has been given to you in HDMI port, with this help you connected it to your TV and

Then when you have connected it, then you will ask your Gmail id pulse on your smart tv. If you want to be cautious about this, then if you want to use the amazon prime here, then it is very important for you so that’s why you When first time setup, carefully set up it

Now you will think that you get voice controlled here. Friends, these features are only available in the remote of your Amazon Fire TV Stick and it works. Friends, you get Amazon’s Alexa technology inside Amazon Fire TV Stick. O who walks through a voice command

Now you can see all your tv show on this, so you can control your smart TV with voice. In it, you can see Amazon’s Prime video, Netflix, hot star, jio tv and also you can see all the things from where you are.

Amazon Fire TV Stick box content

Now you get the Amazon Fire TV Stick and you also get the HDMI Port cable besides which you can also install External and it also gives you a charge and a Virles remote in which you can also control it.


Now you get a lot of tv channel from where you can see it and if you have amazon eco then you can control it too, which you

You can also search on the Internet and its command line will also get you a new password, which you can use it

Now if you do not want 4k tv and want it for Kharud, then you buy amazon fire stick 4k and if your tv runs on 1080p then you can buy a normal amazon fire stick. We both have disconnected and no one wants to buy it. You can buy it from here

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