How to Use Instagram Stories Make, Use, Delete and More

If you are Beginner for Instagram, then you are looking for how to Instagram Stories and its related pictures, here we will give you complete information in this article.

And will tell you how to use Instagram Stories and how to make it and how to use it, then here we will give you all the step by step

Which you will come to society very easily and here first, you should download the App of Instagram, which is available on the Play Store and App Store for Ios.

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Now here, we will give you all the information about How to Instagram stories that you need

How to Instagram Stories for Beginner

How to Instagram Stories for Beginner

How to Instagram Stories If you do not know about this and you must have used many more social media websites or apps, then you will know about it very easily.

Instagram Stories is the same way if you share your status in WhatsApp and other apps like Facebook and snap chat stories also mean the same and you can do many different things here.

Here you can share any information with your followers with the help of stories, which is quite a good thing and within it, you get to see many features of the way which are useful.

So you must have come to know the Sort information given here, what is Instagram stories, now you know what is useful


How to Use Instagram Stories in new User

How to Use Instagram Stories If you talk about it, then many people use Instagram here, in which many types of people come.

Such as Marketing Normal user Business Promotion and many other uses of Instagram.

And here we are giving you information about how to use Instagram Stories, for this you should follow the complete step, here we to give you information, for this, here are some ideas shared with you.


How to Make Instagram Stories

How to Make Instagram Stories This information is needed by your society, but here we will give you complete information about it.

Here we have told you some steps where you will be able to create Instagram stories by following them.

How to Make Instagram Stories

  1. Open the Instagram app.
  2. Tap the camera icon in the top-left corner.
  3. Tap the white circle at the bottom of the screen to take a picture, or press and hold the white circle to take a video.
  4. Now here you see two Opine which shows the Button named Your Story for work where you can put your stories by clicking here, here you can send Send Button from where you can share it with other friends too.

Now friends here, let us tell you that when you open the camera, then you get the button of the camera, but it gets many different features which we will give you information about it.

Here you can use all these features like LIVE, TYPE, BOOMERANG, SUPERZOOM, FOCUS, REWIND, NORMAL HANDS-FREE, MUSIC while making your photos and videos o stories.

And you just have to keep these features holding your With Button which comes with the button of the video recorder, it will automatically shut down the video.

So here you can make your Instagram stories in an easy way by following some easy steps, which can be quite amazing if you make it using filer and all the features.


How to check your Instagram Story views

When you do your stories on Instagram, you must know that you see your stories

And what is the profile of those people, for all this information, you should know that the angle is viewing your stories, so let’s know

  1. You click on your story on the left top side on your home screen.
  2. Here you will see Button on the left corner, where you will see how many people have seen your stories, they will have to click you.
  3. Now if you swipe above your bottom then you will show detail like Profile of all the viewer where you will also be able to know about them.

Here you have 24 hours of your stories and you can also highlight them, which will be in the highlights in your profile.


How to Delete Instagram Stories

How to delete Instagram Stories This must be known to you, if you give any wrong stories with you accidentally, then if you want to delete it, then you must definitely know about it.

Here we will tell you about some steps which you have to follow so that you will be able to successfully delete your insta stories.

  1. First of all, you have to click on your stories on the left top side on the home screen.
  2. Now here you will see three-dot on the right side and more written below it, you have to click that.
  3. Now you first see the option of Delete or by clicking on it, you have to click on Delete again and your Stories will successfully Delete.

So friends here, we have told you all the information about How to Instagram stories, they have all done a lot of work and here we have shared Janakari for you.


How to Share someone’s story on Instagram

If you want to share any stories of people here, then you can know information about it by following some steps here.

This is quite important here if you like any stories of anyone and you want to share it with your friends, then this work is impossible.

  1. First of all, you have to open his stories
  2. Now here on the bottom and share on the right side like Icon, you will see to click on it.
  3. Now you will see a list of all the Friends here, whichever you want to share, click on them.
  4. You can click on the send button

With this, you can share your successful stories with anyone.


Everything About How to Instagram Stories

Here, we have given information about the important features and tips, which is of your use and if you have any quires here, you can ask us in the comments.

Here we have tried to give you the correct and all the basic information in advance, next we will update it with more information.

So if you liked our article, then share it thanks.

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