How to add iPhone X gestures Like Samsung phone

How to add iPhone X gestures Like Samsung phone

Hello friends, today we have come up with a lot of fun for you. If you have ever seen the new smartphone on, you get the gesture features inside it that come inside your iPhone but many more mobile companies yo features this type of features Bring it to your smartphone like that one plus honor xaiomi Just like many mobile company users advertise these features within their smartphone

But today we will tell you how to enable the gesture inside your Samsung smartphone and friends will not be any root process, all these will be able to help you with the help of an app which is quite easy and tell you So far, Samsung has not given any of its features to any of its users, so let us know how to add it to iPhone X gestures like any Samsung phone

Any Samsung phone Enable gestures

Friends, it can take a little while for you to do all these work. If you follow our stated steps, then friends will have to install an app in the first place. Its name inside your smartphone is Fluid Navigation Gestures. This link is given to you. You will have to install this by downloading it


Now we hope you have inserted it. Now you have to follow step b step. It will also have its pro version and you can buy it if you open it, then you will see enable option named in it You have to give permission by clicking and you will have to give two permission in it

First of all, you have to give the permit of accessibility and second, you will have to change the setting to change hint, then you will have to hide it under its hide navigation button. You will have to root your phone but we will not let you root it without it Will hide it


hide navigation bar most step

Friends, you must first install the ADB software inside the pc or within the laptop, and you have to connect it to your phone and then run some commands.

To do this, you need to open your phone’s developer option to do this, in your smartphone you will be able to opt for the abut phone in advance, inside it you will not get build no inside it 7 times click inside it and then your phone’s The developer options will open and then you have to run a much command inside the ADB inside your computer which we have given you and this command you will also find it inside the app

download ADB

ADB Command Steps:

PC/Mac instructions:
1 – Enable Developer Mode in Android settings.
2 – Enable USB Debugging
3 – Install ADB (links below)
4 – Run the following ADB. the command to grant the permission
adb shell pm grant com.fb.fluid android.permission.WRITE_SECURE_SETTINGS

You can restore the navigation keys using the app or by run this ADB. command:
adb shell wm overscan 0,0,0,0
./adb shell wm overscan 0,0,0,0

You have to use all these command lines carefully, for more information about this, we will give you a video which you can understand. watch video

And you get amazing gestures inside it and you just get all the options on the way of the iPhone, which is a good thing and you can change your gestures button. You can also change it accordingly, which is a very good thing.

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