How In-Display Fingerprint Sensors Work In New Smartphones


Today Hello people, we will tell you about How In-Display Fingerprint Sensors Work, how it works and what technology works with. If we give you complete information about it, then carefully look at it and understand it. can also say in this way

Friends, you know that the technology of In-Display Fingerprint Sensors has come with many more smartphones like vivo one plus and much other mobile company or this technology has come with technology, and it works in the same way. Seeing Joe is very good, but if it is diseased, then it will work, then know about it many questions

How In-Display Fingerprint Sensors Work Reality

Now here you will find two types of technology in which we will tell you about it, the first thing you tell us about the technolology of Qualcomm and in this chipset you see ultrasonic fingerprint which is good. This is not the technology that is talking about the hammam. Secondly, the snaptic name company O Joe gives you fingerprint technology with lights which you also call in the display lock

Now if you talk about Qualcomm you can unlock your smartphone even without light thought, but with the help of sound, your phone is unlocked and the chipset of this way comes

And if you talk about snapcic sensor, then you get a new technology in which you get the animation of the lip that looks good and that all of you guys are also called fingerprint lock. Now we are here Hey, talking about the technology on snaptic technology, and we are always going to complete it.

Now, friends, you know in this about In-Display Fingerprint sensor, which technology is used in it. Now let’s know more about this. You will get any phone in this technology. You can see the phone in the optical emulate display. You will not find this technology in the phone with any LCD display, but now we will tell you why. how to work In-Display Fingerprint Sensors


How In-Display Fingerprint Sensors Work technology

Now friends do not have every single pixel light in the LCD display, and they are indulit all pixel lights in the emulate display, so this technology can be seen only in the surf light animation. If you have a finger in your emulate display, then you’re In the middle of the pixel of the phone, the capture is done and it should be known from the snaptic driver, which is given below your display. Now, this snaptic driver whenever you unlock the phone then this is your app In the database, you can see that the Puzzles I used to have CVH from the time the finger was inserted, this light is from the female.

Now, in this technology, you can see many cadres. You have to do this in a single point of Q, in which only many companies have to improve it, you can do it on any side of your side. Hey, he’ll unlock him the phone

Now, this Qualcomm also improves its processor that it is not only in the display but also in the technology of metal, there are many types of matrial can not be found in such a way that you also know about it. would have gone

Friends, you may have come to know that an animation ligh Q is necessary in your phone when you unlock the phone in display fingerprint lock.

Now, friends, have many big companies like One Plus have in the new model one plus gt in their smartphone so that its speed can be fast, the user is still not getting any improvement. “How In-Display Fingerprint Sensors Work”

Friends, such new technologies will continue to come and update all these technologies will be advanced so that you can tear off all its features.

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