Google black Friday sale in India pixel 3 and pixel 3 xl phone sale


Hello friends, today we are talking about you google who are good for you, these 4 news sites are good, and after a lot of dins, Google has come with the new sale of the new company named google black Friday. Can meet

Update of New Delhi

Google has announced its Black Friday cell as it may look good on Google. Starting from November 16, this cell will last till November 26, when bumper discounts have been given on many products like smartphones, laptops, Talbots and smart home appliances. Let’s know how much discount you get on the product, you need to buy it.

Learn 50% of the diameter which is a fighter

You can also discount this 50% discount on purchasing a good two-pixel smartphone in many phones. After this, if you buy 2 pixels 3 or 3 XL simultaneously, then you get a discount of 50 percent on the second-pixel phone. It is valid for 21 hours which is a good thing

3 XL Travel 14,405 Off

This new came phone is also good enough for you to see the second-pixel dell will run from 22nd November to 25th November. This Black Friday will get a discount of 11,100 and 3 xl at 14405 on pixels 3. Tell us that the price of Google Pixel 3 in 64 GB variants is Rs 71,000 in India and the price of 128 GB is 80,000 rupees. Vicky Pixel 3XL 64 GB Variant is priced at Rs. 83,000 in India and 128 GB model worth 92,000. You must definitely see it.
If you come in any call, you are told that if you are not updating your seams, then it will be diverted soon, so be careful. By giving information on this call, you may be a victim of SIM swap frog. Recently, a man of Pune lost Rs 93,500 due to being a victim of this. In this way, if you do not have a swim of swap frogs in tomorrow, then you are going to tell ways to escape

Sim Swap means SIM Exchange, in which a new SIM is registered with your phone number. As soon as this happens your SIM card stops and the signal disappears from the phone. Now, to contact your number, the second time someone uses OTP on SIM, another person transfers your money to your account.

It starts with a call, in which the front person claims it is an executable of Airtel, Vodafone or any other service provider. These are talking about fixing call drops on your smartphone or internet speed increase.

It seems that after swapping SIM, the scammers are constantly making trouble by calling you, sometimes you can also call. Actually, this is a trick, because a SIM takes 4 hours to activate. In such a way, they are troubling you and want you to turn off the phone, for which they will be done in 4 hours and you do not even know.

For more and more information, you can go here. Here you can find information in Hindi. He also has complete information about this and if you want to go further than this, you can search it on the internet. more info.


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