OPPO ColorOS 7 Best Features, Tips and Tricks

Hello friends, today we will give you information about ColorOS 7, which has just been launched in India and you get a lot of amazing features here.

ColorOS 7 Base on Android 10, you get a lot of amazing features in Android 10, but here we will only give you information about ColorOS 7, launched in OPPO.

And it will give information about its amazing new features and tips and tricks, which if you use these phones, then you can benefit greatly.

So let’s know about OPPO ColorOS 7 Best Features, Tips and Tricks


New ColorOS 7 Best Features

#1 Dark Mode Features

Now, friends, you must have found the Dark Mode in Android 10, but here in colorOS 7, you have been given a lot of good features inside it, which will be very helpful to you and you will love it.

To enable it here, you will be able to go to your phone by setting it to Display% Brightness and you will get all the settings of it.

Now here you have to enable Dark Mode Enable, then you can turn it on and like below you get the option to enable auto Dark Mode, which is very amazing.

And you will be able to Enable the Dark Mode according to your time and below that you

Dark Mode for third party Optine, which is quite amazing, with the help of this you can also enable Dark Mode in any android app in your phone, which you can select Manually

So these are very amazing features for especially for Dark Mode user, then you must have liked about it.


#2 app ICon & Live Wallpaper

You get a lot of amazing features here too, if you like installing Icon pack or Cusmizatiuon about it, then you have got a lot of good features here.

If you want to change the icon of the app, then you have to go to your setting and go to the option of the home screen, but you get very good features in the set icon of Set Icon Style.

Here you get the option to change the size, shapes, and style of the icon of your app and along with that you get here

You also get the option to install Custom third party icon which depends on your themes and along with that you also have the features of Live Wallpaper quite good.

You have been given very good and very smart on Live Wallpaper here, who works on your behavior and works on your day time, then you will have to use it to know more about it.


#3 DocVault

Here, many of you know that you can keep your important documents in the DocVault app, which you will know if you use it.

But here its special thing is that ColorOS 7 has been typed with Digi Locker, in which you can access your Digital Sigh Document as well as aadhar Card.

You can also print out the Driving License and Document of your vehicle as well as their PDF version which can help you in many different places.


#4 Music Party

Friends Music Party This is an app that you get in ColorOS 7 and it is very fun and its features are also amazing, but if you have

If you have phones with a lot of ColorOS 7, then by connecting all the Smartphones to the same Wifi network, you can play the same song in all the smartphones, which will ring in your phones with a very big sound.

So these are amazing features, due to its help you can be considered a party, for the, its name is also Music Party.


#5 Smart Assistant with Sport

If there is ColorOS 7 on your phone, if you swipe left on your home screen, then you get a lot of amazing features in your phone, which you will be able to address here.

Here you have quick features, step tracker, a favorite contact, weather, Events, Games Now here you have special features here

In this, you will get to know information about your favorite game like cricket and football-like games like score and many more here in real-time, which has many useful features.

And this is also a time to time update, it has been named smart assistant for its own and after it is updated automatically in ColorOS 7, it will have many features in it.


#6 Focus Mode

These features get very amazing features in your ColorOS 7, in this you know from Focus Mode that it can give you your time and full time.

If you enable this, then it will turn off the notification on your phone which will not disturb you and will only enable your incoming priority call, which is helpful for you.

So if you use an app for the features of this way, then you do not need to use any apps right now, you get this only in ColorOS 7.


#7 Riding Mode

This mode is very useful, with the help of this, you will not have any dustup in Riding. To enable it, you get the Riding Mode by going to Smart Service in Setting.

Where you will be able to enable it, after turning it on, you will only get your priority call, which will not hurt you.

It is very important, if you use it, then you will not get any notification and no call at the time of riding in your phone, which will only priority call to trouble you.


#8 Game Assistant

If you are a Gamer or if you are a Gaming Lover, then ColorOS 7 has a lot of amazing features for you, especially for gamers.

Here, when you run any games, you get notification about them, which helps you a lot and that sort 6 notification has some amazing features which are very useful for games.

You can get all the features like Signal strength, Battery, CPU, GPU, FPS Stop Notification, Screenshot Screen recorder.

Which helps a gamer a lot while playing games, then you must use it


#9 Soloop App ColorOS 7

This is an app that you get on ColorOS 7 and its name is soloop and it is a photo to video editing app.

And it is very useful and quite amazing, here you can open any one of your menual music by selecting the photos and selecting the theme and selecting 5.

And you can also add Subtitle in it and in this way you can make a wonderful video and in the last time when your video is ready then you can share the ISO on your social media account.

Top friends, if you used to use this app before, then you do not need to use it anymore, because you get this inbuild in ColorOS 7, then definitely use it


Best ColorOS 7 Features are described here.
1Dark Mode Features
2app ICon & Live Wallpaper
4Music Party
5Smart Assistant with Sport
6Focus Mode
7Riding Mode
8Game Assistant
9Soloop App ColorOS 7


Here we have given you information about the features of Best ColorOS 7, which is less of your attachment and it is also very useful.

So if you have this smartphone and have got the ColorOS 7 update, then definitely use these features, it is very helpful for you.

So friends, if you like this article of ours, then share it so that more people can know about it thanks.

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