7 New Best Android Apps 2018!

best android apps
best android apps

7 New Best Android Apps 2018, which is good enough for 2018, you should use many of these apps. Q. These are the best android apps. If you use many of these apps in your daily life then let’s go I know about these apps and

We have given you all these apps so that you will not have any problem, and you can handle it with great ease and friends, all these free apps for android which does not give you any peso, Let’s go to the restaurant and you are very good at work. Come on, let’s meet friends, these 7 cool apps know about new Ardor Apples. Best Free Android App August 2018

Best Android Apps 2018!

#1.Smart Kit 360

Smart kit 360 name, this is the most powerful of our list, which is very important in this app, we will tell you guys if you use different types of tools apps in your form, then you no longer need to take any tension In this app, you will find an app tool of all kinds, such as the notepad, translator tool, dictionary, cuter, the cellphone mirror, magnifier

Calculator, hart bit monitor, maps and many more apps are available in more than 35 applications. If you use all these apps then you should try to triple these once you see your big job and this app


Download app


#2.Duplicate Files Fixer

Duplicate Files Fixer Friends, if you have a duplicate file and photos, then this app will help you. You have enough smart option connection, so that you can remove your mobile file duplicate, so when you first inspire it This will have to annex your internal memory and sd card, which will show you all the duplicate file in your phone and you can delete it from it and this app will have a lot of applying for it. Here to the download


Download app



This software called Whatsremoved will be useful to you, some people send you a message by sending a message to you and this app gives 8 of its data to the person that this person sent this message so that you can get complete information about it. Friends, we have talked about this way of life in the past, but these people are different too. You can also use it like this, it does not matter how much you send any user. Programmed therein are catch file your data keeps your near and recover by O Hsueh catch O so there should also delete the message that will tell it in front of him


Download app


#4.Marco Polo Video Walkie Talkie

Marco Polo Video Walkie Talkie Friends, this app is also quite awesome if you guys confirm the video, then this app is for you, this app is a video containsĀ app for you, in which you conference the video for your friends then business Now friends, if you want to open the account then you can not have your mobile no. You can also open your account by putting in your account and you can create your own personal group, and if someone else does not have an account in it, then you can send an application to him so that he can also get it loaded.


Download app


#5.Open in WhatsApp (click to chat)

Open in WhatsApp In this app, if any person gives you a message to someone, or if you do not want to talk to some unknown people, then you should get help from this app. If we want to talk to him, then his mobile no. You will have to save on your mobile but this app does not have you can direct it to the unknown person without talking to you without mobile no.


Download app


#6.Longshot for long screenshot

Longshot for long screenshot Friends like its name is Vesa, its work. Friends, this app takes the long screenshot to help you but in some phones, this feature comes in the first place but if you do not have features in your phone, then you must use this app. So that you can take a long screenshot and accordingly, if you do not want to download this app then it has given you the link.


Download app


#7.Hooks – Alerts & Notifications

Hooks – Alerts & Notifications This will work for you very much, friends come to you. A notification is an app that gives you notifications of all the way, if you see any TVshow or if any new movie is coming, then this app It sends you this notification from the front so that you can know about it and if you are going sometimes, it will tell you about the surroundings that will help you.


Download app


Best Android Apps more


Friends, you will get all these work done in your daily life, which will help you so much so that all these apps can tell you in the comments too, and if you want to know about the new app, then keep coming on the nonviolence. We keep adding new posts every day so that you can get rid of it and also know about the times of the app 10 Best New Android Apps 2018 You can go here and all these latest apps and new android apps which you use T hey “Best Android Apps”


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