apple 5G launch in 2020 news


Today, you have some news about Apple, which should be known to you. Apple has come to listen. It is coming with an e-apple 5g but I would like to know more about it.

Now there is some new news here that we can not have 5G networks so far, but smartphone makers are trying to jump on things by issuing smartphones with the ability to support the new network standard. Apple is the latest name in the list in which the 5G device is expected to be less than two years, then it is good to come soon

According to some company, this information will be given to you by Fast Company, according to an internal source of Apple, the company’s first 5G iPhone will be launched in 2020. They are already good on the track towards that goal, with their plans to use Intel’s 8161 5G modem chip. That chip is not ready yet, but the report says that Intel’s development is planned, which is for you

Even more important about Company, the company is currently working on a precursor called 8161, which is called 8060, which will be used to test the 5G capabilities in the iPhone. Both chips will use the 10-nanometer process to improve the speed. And if everything goes according to the plan, then Intel will become the only modem chip provider for the apple, so that no lien will be available.

Company of many androids and even its accomplices are working, however, sources indicate that there can be at least one holdup in the plans, that 8060 is not able to properly finish the heat. This is a problem because the 5G modem puts stress on the chips, thanks to millimeter waves in use. So if it does not deal with heat then the chip is useless

In addition, this added heat can also adversely affect battery life. However, it seems that the apple is impatient but not worried. At least, they will not accept that the only option is to negotiate with Qualcomm, some Apples are unlikely to do this in the midst of a dispute with them.

In fact, we can expect that many new 5G devices can be previewed in the Mobile World Congress in February 2019. You can be sure that you will see new models from the likes of Samsung, Oppo, Sheomy, Huawei and many others. But the 2020 release of Apple will not be too late for the party, provided that the 5G has only been officially standardized. This means that it will take a few years for enough infrastructure to make the 5G phone viable.



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