7 Best New Android Apps for December 2019

Here the month of December has started and for you, we have brought the list of Best New Android Apps for December 2019, which you will like

So, friends, all these android apps are very useful, which you will like very much, then we have given information about all of them, which will help you in society about apps.

So let’s know about Best Android Apps for December 2019


7 Best Android Apps for December 2019 List

#1 1Gallery

This app is a Gallary app, which is quite good and you can get to see many features inside it, like this app you can also use as Hiden Gallary.

Here you get Private Vault Gallery, in which you can hide your private photos and videos, 5A which is Encrypted after hiding.

Encrypted means that it will not show hidden photos and videos in your other gallery.

Another feature of this app is that it will show you any large size photos or videos in Gallary and will show its size first.

So that you can delete it if it is not of your use, and by this, you will be able to manage your phone well.

So this app is very useful if you have this app worth your attention, then definitely use it, you can see it by installing many more features inside it.


#2 Lockdown Lite

This app is an app locker app and within this app also you get very good features, here you get many locker app lockers like

Here, you need Pin Lock, Finger Print Lock, Password Lock, if you need this app, then use it

Right now, app locker features have been introduced in all apps, but there are many important apps in which the app locker is not available, so at this time you can use this app.

Here you have this ap quite lightweight app which is a very good thing and from within it, you can also uninstall the unused app which has good features.

So if you need android apps of this way, then use it


#3 Transno

This app can be quite common for you, but if you have to memorize it by making some List and some check lIst, then this app helps you.

It gives you a very good Check List and List which is quite beautiful, so if you like to use this app, then definitely use it.

Here you can use it on many jugs like if you have to go to the market to get something and it is too much, then you should not forget it, so in this ap

You can go by creating a list that you will remember and you will be able to complete your list too.


#4 BatteryGuru

Developer: Paget96
Price: Free+
  • BatteryGuru Screenshot
  • BatteryGuru Screenshot
  • BatteryGuru Screenshot
  • BatteryGuru Screenshot
  • BatteryGuru Screenshot
  • BatteryGuru Screenshot
  • BatteryGuru Screenshot

Here, this app monetizes your phone’s battle which can be very useful, it can also be very useful to the gamer.

Here, when you keep your phone in charge on your phone, you can also find out that by battling it with its features, your battery charge has been done.

Here it is said to all the Tech user that your Battery should never be a full charge, so if you are a user of this way and follow it then

With the help of this, you can put an alarm in your Battery and can tell your phone that my Battery is 80% charged.

So these are very useful apps and inside it, you can also see the Temprecher of your Battery, if you are a gamer, then it can be useful for you.


#5 AutoResponder for Instagram

If you keep visiting many massages on Instagram and you are very busy and you cannot reply, then you should take help of this app, it will help you a lot

Herewith the help of this app, you can use the features of auto Reply on your Instagram so that you will be able to reply auto to anyone and what all the information you want to massage will be able to set manually.

And the special thing about this app is that it works without any permission from your Instagram and this app works in your multiple accounts which is a good thing

Here you have to give this app the permission of notification so that it is automatic to read your notification of Instagram and gives reply to it

So if you are very busy, then you must use it, it asks a lot of your work.


#6 Guitar Tuner Pro

If you like to play Guitar, then you must use this app, you also get a lot of amazing features inside it.

And here if you know how to play the perfect guitar, then you will be able to play it very well if you know it then uses it and you can try it to learn.


#7 Lock Me Out

Here if you have become more addiction to any apps, then you must use this app, here you can help, you can lock down any app.

This is not an app locker app, it can save your bad habits, as if you use too much of your app and you can not use it, then you can use it.

It locks your app and for some time it gives permission to open your app so that you do not have any problem.

And here you are given 30 sec for emergent which you will be able to access the app and if you have to use more app then you will have to give money to the developer which is dependent on you.

So you also get the features of this way in ColorOS 7 Features, about which we have written an article about you and if you want to use the features of this way then only use it, otherwise you should not use it.

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So friends here, we have given you information about the 7 Best New Android Apps for December 2019, which you are interested in this month.

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