10 Best New Android apps 2018


10 Best New Android apps 2018 So friends will know about these new best android apps today and what are the advantages and what’s new in all these apps, all those apps we will call 10 best android apps and this 10 new android apps will work for you and you will love the apps Best Free Android App August 2018

So friends tell you all these apps we have given you a link so that you can download it by clicking and all these apps are free and it will also easily send you to Google Play Store.


10 Best New Android apps 2018 list


Friends, the first thing in our list is the Appendix online Radiogram. It’s a big job. If you love to listen to radio FM, then this app is for you. In this app you can listen to all the radio channels of India all over You can listen to the radio channel of all the word people and it is absolutely free application and you will not get any ads and it will be good enough. If you look like this application you must definitely trim it


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#2.GOM Saver: Free up space on your phone

Friends, the second name of the name of the name GOM Saver, which is very useful to you, friends from its female, if you have an affair and if you have a bigger image than your emotions or photos and videos of MB, then this app is yours. Without the size, you can compress diarrhea without quality, so that your amino acids are reduced considerably and you will be left with enough MB, you can upload it to your Google Drive. If only worsens you can use this application


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Now our next name is vimage and it is quite amazing that in this case, you have an image in your image such as that of you in your image, if you are drinking tea and you see it, you will wash it Dera O and that smoke If you can cut it in any other image, so that your new image will be quite new in the image, you must use this appetite once


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This applying the name Aoutohash is very useful for you, if you use Instagram or Facebook and many other ways in your form, then you will use #tag if you do this by giving automatic only #tag generate That will save you a lot of time and there will be a lot of impression on your social media


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#5.Cache Cleaner Super clear cache & optimize

Friends, this is the name of the cache cleaner, if you have a little less storage, then you should use it only, that this app will help you very much and in this, you will have all the app that will install on your phone and will show you that it is up to you. If Ishti is taking a bath, then you can do it with her only and she will help you a lot and if you have 64 GB and 128 GB of energy, then you do not mean anything by using it.


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#6.Meitu – Beauty Cam, Easy Photo Editor

Meitu – Beauty Cam, Easy Photo Editor Friends 9 This app If you are a photo editing lover then you must use this app and you will get lots of new features which do not give any other app. You get the option of getting it, but you have got the title of Auto Edit, which means that if your selfie photo is edited then it will automatically edit and it has got an opener called vector so that you can create an image of your heart. you C can use it is


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WhatsRemoved + if you use WhatsApp, then if some people send you a message by sending it to you, then you will have a question about what message he should have sent to you, then this app is coming to you. If you have messed up your message then you will know in this app, then you can use it too.


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#8.Myki: Offline Password Manager & Authenticator

Myki These apps are great to work for friends who will be of great benefit to you. Friends, this is a power saver app that you can save all your social security, and whenever you like an app like Facebook or Instagram any app When you do the ops, this automatic will login to your account so that you will not have to do any menus. But when you open the puzzle bar, you will have to add manually password to all the accounts.


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#9.Stupis Screens – Endless wallpapers

Stupis Screens – Endless wallpapers: If you like the wallpaper, you can use this app in your own profile, you can generate your own wallpapers and this generates great wallpapers, so you must use it once. should do


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#10.Walli – 4K, HD Wallpapers & Backgrounds

Walli In this app, you will go to the wallpapers of many types, which are quite refined. You should definitely see this app using this. It gives a lot of options for up to 4K Its qolity will be very tremendous


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So friends, today we are talking about 10 Best New Android apps 2018 and all these apps can be the best android app of 2018, which is quite awesome and quite useful.
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