10 best-looking smartphones of the year 2018

10 best-looking smartphones of the year 2018 ...

Hello friends, we will talk to you about the best-looking smartphone of 2018, which is a degaining and smooth smartphone and it’s been a great discussion, these are the best-looking smartphones in 2018 and today we know about it

In 2018, quite a lot of mobile company launch had its own smartphone but some of the smartphones were very special, out of which the best smartphone is what we want to tell you, and you can buy it, and all of these smartphones are big enough mobile company or join Top 8 Best smartphone in 2018

10 best-looking smartphones

1 Samsung Galaxy S9+

Samsung Galaxy S9 + is one of the most beautiful looking smartphones launched during the year 2018 and its degaining too much premium comes with a premium back, which gives a premium fray. The cover display of the Galaxy Note 9 + and the slick profile further adds to the look and it was bought quite a lot in 2018.

If you also like Samsung phones, you can also buy it and enjoy it. Samsung phone has proved itself good

2 OnePlus 6T’s Thunder Purple variant

The Thunder Purple Variant of OnePlus 6T also cuts for the best-looking smartphone of 2018 list and this was purchased quite a lot in 2018 this year, the smartphone launched after a few weeks of original OnePlus 6T is the company’s first gradient color smartphone. There is plenty of reviews about which you can see that the purple color is as loud and the construction of the metal adds to the overall appeal.

You will find more information about it on the internet and will also see its review


3 Huawei Mate 20 Pro

Huawei Mate 20 Pro gave us similar experience to Samsung Galaxy S9 + almost equally as it has almost identical design Athos, about which there was a lot of discussion on the internet, for slim, delicate look from the curved screen, met 20 Pro hits the mark if you do  buy it, you can buy it from your buy link, and definitely one of the best-looking smartphones.

This year, this company was in great discussions and this model was liked by many people and it was bought by a lot of people who came with a stunning degaening


4 Apple iPhone XS Max

Apple’s iPhone XS Max is one of the best-looking devices launched during this year, and even Apple is quite a good brand and people around the world trust it, the smartphone makes ‘premium’ from all angles. We found gold color variants of the best-looking smartphone in the variants launched this year. The smartphone is smooth and apple is quite bought in the phone India and it has a glass front and back, which adds premium-ness.

Apple is just like a good mobile company, which is a bit depressed and its smartphone is famous all over the world and it looks good enough and if you see it, you’ll be premium look filing.


5 Apple iPhone XR

Here’s another one from Apple’s 2018 lineup – iPhone XR The company’s most affordable new iPhone, the iPhone XR, finds a place in the list, thanks largely to color variants – it comes in red, yellow, white, coral, black and blue. When this phone came back in 2018, from this, we find blue and red color variants to be the most influential. This also was liked by the apple user. With a glass back, the iPhone XR regularly consumes metal with the presence of metal I know that Apple is quite good at the same time.

You will find more information about it on the internet which you need to get the information from which you can get information about it.

6 Google Pixel 3XL

Google Pixel 3XL has given a great new look this year and the smartphone company runs on most design profiles just like the previous year’s model, but this time the smartphone comes in a thin and tall profile. Half glass-half metal back is unorthodox Google is already quite safe and with the powerful Orange Power button, ‘Not Pink’ color variant makes the smartphone one of the most visible smartphones of the year.

If you do buy it, then you will be given a good review about it, it will be saved on the internet and Google’s mobile phone is safe and secure.

7 Nokia 8.1

If you also like Nokia company, you know about it, recently launched by HMD Global, Nokia 8.1 also includes the list of the best-looking smartphones of the year. regaining Smartphone with a nice glass back and a thin strip of metal running on the edges gives premiums.

You have seen plenty of Nokia’s ads and have heard a lot about it. These smartphones look great on their new look and can call it a powerful smartphone.

8 Oppo R17 Pro

This is the newest launched Sampophone OPPO R17 Pro on the degaening of the phone and its look pretty good. This metal-wearing smartphone claims striking presence, courtesy its shield colors, Oppo is a good company, which has just come quite forward, the handset comes in two color variants, both give a clean look backward.

You will find a lot of good features inside it, which is a great smartphone and its camera features are also great.

9 Honor 8X

The degaening of this smartphone is quite good and this company is very similar to the good smartphone Honor 8X smartphone, Huawei’s P-Series devices, its camera features are also great, it comes with a dual-tone glossy + brushed finish. Which looks good. The entire back panel is designed with the landscape orientation in mind, you can also buy it. It comes with a nice feature of Q

10 Vivo V11 Pro

Vivo is a stunning smartphone that offers a sleek look that Vivo V11 Pro offers a fair look that fits almost completely in the hands of users. Smartphone’s Gradient Color Scheme, which runs from Black to Shimri Purple Color, gives a lively look, about this, there are plenty of discussions on the internet and plenty of reviews will be available to you.

The degaening of the vivo of health is also amazing and its front camera is also awesome and we have also written an article about it earlier.

Friends, all of these smartphones have kept a lot of enthusiasm in 2018, and all of these smartphones were liked by a lot of users and all these smartphones were bought quite a lot about which we told you

All these smartphones proved to be the best features and quite useful smartphones with the best digaening and best perforation of 2018.

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